Who is behind More Fuzz ?

Tanguy aka Mr. Fuzz here to please your ears...

I'm a French music lover and also musician. I fell into Stoner and all things Heavy 4 years ago, I remember the first track I stumbled upon was "Dragonfly" from the mighty Sasquatch. That riff was so HUGE, I never heard something like that before ! (I was into Classic Rock/Blues before). I dug further thanks to the magic of "YouTube Recommandations" bar, a whole world of badass bands was opening right in front of me... I discovered the legendary songs of Kyuss, the never-ending jams of The Machine, the fatitude of Wo Fat, and a lot of Swedish bands like Truckfighters, Graveyard, Witchcraft...

Since that time I'm a huge huge huge listener and concertgoer of all kinds of Heavy Music and particularly Stoner/Heavy Psych bands. I don't know why, but I think I really found that music to be the one that was made for me. This is the one that makes me smile and at the same time headbang, like all stonerheads do when a groovy and punchy riff hits you in the face !

I decided to create More Fuzz because I want to share with every music lovers my discoveries. The Heavy Music scene is so vast I almost find a new band to listen to every single day thanks to Da Internet !

If you want to chat with me you can reach me on Facebook, follow me on Bandcamp and Last.fm or use the contact form if you have any idea to improve this blog.

Hope you'll enjoy More Fuzz and Keep Fuzzin' !